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Annex Warranty Terms (Overseas)

Afore New Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as the "Afore") Product Warranty Terms

1.Product Quality Standards and Warranty

1.1 Afore inverters comply with local safety regulations related to the national grid and grid standards.

1.2 The inverter warranty is decided by Afore and its distributor.

1.3 Spare parts warranty is valid 3 months (beginning from the date of shipment), during the warranty period, Afore is responsible for the replacement.

1.4 The monitoring module warranty is valid for 12 months (beginning from the date of shipment).

1.5 After the products leaving the factory, the appearance damage (scratches, rust, chemical damage) is beyond warranty.

2.Warranty Exceptions

One. Product quality standards and warranty period

2.1 Damage or lose to inverter or accessory caused by logistics.

2.2 Inverter failure caused by non-compliance with national utility grid standard which lead to eg. abnormal grid voltage, grid frequency etc.

2.3 Inverter malfunction or damage caused by non-professional or non-qualified personnel

2.4 Failure to observe the user manual, the installation guide, and the maintenance regulations

2.5 Remove or damage warranty seal

2.6 Change or remove specification label, serial number (SN)

2.7 Product malfunction or damage due to disobey to relevant laws and regulations or technical requirements in power plant design, construction or installation works

2.8 Solar panels’ input parameters exceed the inverter’s allowed range

2.9 Product malfunction or damage due to installation on movable device or in vibration occasions

2.10 Failure or damage caused by corrosion, lightning and other natural damage or force majeure

2.11 Unauthorized alteration or disassembly of the product

2.12 Damage or malfunction caused by other facilities eg. Surge damage caused by switching on/off high power generator

2.13 Low electricity generation because of inverter self-protection caused by environmental reasons (such as the installation environment, natural environment, grid environment, etc.) is not a quality problem.

3.Repair and Replacement

3.1 When a failure occurs, the user should check and record from the screen display the error code, DC voltage, AC voltage data or phenomena ect., then contact your local dealer.

3.2 When the dealer or Afore confirm that it is the product quality problem ,the faulty product will be replaced.

3.3 For the product has been replaced or repaired, the remaining warranty entitlement will be transferred to the replacement or repaired device

3.4 Afore is only responsible for the company's products troubleshooting, repair and replacement, but doesn’t assume any other special damages, consequential damages, incidental damages (including loss of profits, loss of goodwill, loss of business reputation loss or delay, etc.).

3.5 This warranty does not affect the customer's enjoyment of any other rights laws and regulations relating to sales of consumer goods provided for in the host country or region.

4.Service Contact

Customers could contact local dealer or distributor to discuss how to proceed. Please visit for dealer/installer’s contact details. Of course, customers may also contact Afore headquarterif they need help or advice.

5. Force Majeure

Force majeure is not artificially unavoidable and insurmountable objective conditions. In addition, it is the loss that even if the use of methods of prevention and attention, cannot prevent.

It includes the following:

a) earthquakes, floods, fires, storms and other natural disasters.

b) war, invasion, blockade and other hostile armed actors.

c) revolution, rebellions, riots.

d) strike.

e) collection, prohibition, and other provisions of the government's actions.

f) infectious diseases.

g) third-party negligence and wrongdoing which Manufacturers cannot control

h) others

6. For above, Afore will not bear any responsibility. Please be noted.