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  • Inductor external
  • All aluminum chassis design
  • External WIFI/485/GPRS option
  • Touch button

Product parameters

Installation notes

• The mounting method and location must be suitable for the inverter's weight and dimensions.
• The inverter must be installed in the solid walls ,such as brick walls or concrete walls,in case of vibration noise or inverter falling off.
• The installation site should be clearly visible and can be safely into without aids such as scaffold.
• For the convenience of checking the LCD display and possible maintenance activities, please install the inverter at eye level.
• The altitude of installation site should be below 2000m,more than 2000m above the sea level will cause derating.
• The ambient temperature of installation site should be between -20 °C and +55 °C (between -4 °F and 131 °F).
• Install the inverter directly exposing to strong sunshine is not recommended, the excess heating might lead to power reduction.
• Leave enough effective space around the inverter for better ventilation.

• Vertical installation, wiring area must be downside, lateral installation is not allowed; in backward tilted installation, tilt angle should not exceed 30 degrees; Forward tilted, horizontal or inverted installation is not allowed.


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