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Afore’s Project in Fukuokaken is Officially Put into Operation

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Recently, the project in Fukuokaken, Japan has been accepted and officially put into operation, providing electricity to customer.

Installation Place:Fukuokaken, Japan

Type:Anyhome Series One Phase HNS5500TL-1(5.5kW)

After using, customer says:” I first purchased two inverters from Omron and one from Afore later.At first I was worried that they would have conflicts when operating since they are two different brands but it turns out no problem at all. Also it will worry me a lot if there is noise during the operation; however the performance of Afore inverter is stable especially in controlling the noises.”

The PV solar inverter developed and manufactured independently by Afore has high efficiency, high quality and is easily installed. Besides from Japan, the inverter is also widely used in UK, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Thailand and some other roof and solar systems in American regions.

Afore is committed to providing first-class products and services aiming to become the global leader of solar PV inverter manufacturer.