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Solar PV Inverter


Anyhome Series(Single Phase)

Afore's Anyhome Series is the single phase inverter, consisting one MPPT & multi MPPT to statisfy all kinds of customers' demands. The maximum efficiency is up to 98%.

HNS1000-1/1500-1/2000/2500/3000TL-1  HNS3000/3600/4000/5000/6000TL

Anybuild Series (Three Phase)

Afore's Anybuild Series is the three phase inverter, consisting power from 5-10kW&15-36kW. The maximum efficiency is up to 97%~98.5%.

BNT005/006/008/010KTL BNT015/017/020/025/030/036KTL

Monitoring System

The wirless monitor helps customers to view the electricity and FIT income any time, anywhere with laptop and smart phone.

App is available for both Android and IOS users.

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