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Industry News! Solar PV market analysis: the Middle East and Africa

Afore released | 2021-08-03 | Click: 720 times

In the Middle East and Africa, Israel installed an additional 0,6 GW, about the same as in the previous year, but less than expected, due to COVID-19 delays. In the United Arab Emirates very few projects came online despite the tenders in the previous years. In Oman, several projects that were in the pipeline came online in 2020, for a total of 355 MW. Turkey installed almost 1 GW - a stable market level compared to 2019. In Africa, South Africa installed an estimated 1,0 GW (mostly distributed applications) and several installations were recorded in Ethiopia (250 MW) and Mali (75 MW). 
Africa and the Middle East represented around 3% of global PV installations in 2020.(Source: IEA)


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