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8kW Philippines solar plant

Afore released | 2021-10-21 | Click: 600 times

Installation Location:Philippines
Application ProductATON Series Single Phase 8kW
Project Capacity:8kW
Another global installation case of ATON series inverters. Since its launch, the ATON series has been loved by more and more customers. If you don’t know the characteristics of the ATON series, we don’t mind to introduce them to you again:
*ATON series include single phase 6-10kW, three phase 3-25kW;
*One-piece die casting Aluminum housing;
*Wide MPPT range;
*Build-in SPD Type II;
*Smart IV curve scanning;
*Remote firmware update;
*Compatible with bificial modules;
*Best price- quality ratio among similar products in the industry etc.
Choose ATON series, choose Afore, I believe it is a wise and smart choice!


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