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Philippines solar plant

Afore released | 2021-11-17 | Click: 655 times

The super cute photovoltaic power station is installed in the Philippines, using the single phase 3kW inverter from Afore.
When you pick up a piece of A4 paper, you can feel how compact and small the Afore single phase 1-3kW series is.
Afore single phase 1-3kW series also has other advantages as follows:
MPPT efficiency > 99.9%;
No fans design;
Anti-Feed-in Function;
Max. 1.5 time PV Oversize Capacity;
Multiple intelligent Protections;
Smart IV Curve Scanning;
Quick & Easy Config. via Wi-Fi;
MODBUS Communication Ready;
AC output 1.1x continuous operation.
AFORE: A Future Of Renewable Energy!

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