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The Identification Method Of Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation ProjectO

Afore released | 2021-01-19 | Click: 780 times
With strong scientific research capabilities and continuous breakthroughs and innovations of technology, #Afore inverters have been recognized as a high-tech achievement transformation project in Shanghai.
Combining with new situations and new requirements, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, the State Administration of Taxation, the Shanghai Taxation Bureau, and the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau have improved the policy system and Jointly promulgated the 《The Identification method of Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project》 based on the original support policies for high-tech achievement transformation projects .
Behind the honor is the embodiment of #Afore's super ability, and it is also the affirmation and support for #Afore New Energy by the photovoltaic industry and the government. Afore will keep up to expectations, keep the mission in mind, and move forward!


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