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Afore Pass The American FCC Certification

Afore released | 2021-03-11 | Click: 768 times


The FCC stands for Federal Communications Commission.

Afore always regards product quality as the fundamental thing, and passing the American FCC certification is the most powerful recognition of quality of our products. It not only marks the qualification of Afore photovoltaic inverters in the US market, but also indicates that Afore New Energy brand has already reached the world leading level.

At present, Afore photovoltaic inverters have been installed in many countries and regions: Europe, Australia, China, India, Japan, North and South America, etc.

Afore continues to enrich the field of photovoltaic grid-connected, off-grid solar PV inverters and energy storage inverters to create a first-class photovoltaic manufacturer with a global perspective!

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