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Afore released | 2021-07-01 | Click: 700 times

it's happening in Afore Polska, so today we have the opportunity to return to the KFN gala in Legnica, which took place 2 weeks ago.   


As you may recall, we supported Rafa ała Dudek, who defeated Mohammed El Mir in the fight of the evening through a technical knockout. 


Rafa ał is a kickboxing player for K-1 and muay thai, as well as a new KFN formula recently. The title of Polish Champion K-1 won both at the amateur and professional level.  

Among the important achievements are also m. in. in. bronze medal of the WAKO European Championships or Intercontinental Low Kick Super Welter Weight Champion.

 Club representative Fight House Nowy Sącz is a character known not only in Polish but also in world rings.


Congratulations once again on another win! 

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