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Smart Monitoring System

PV plant monitoring system:

Suitable for PC and mobile devices( Android,IOS), no need to download APP, enable users to monitor the system anytime and anywhere ·

Cloud data synchronization:Data upload fast and timely ·

Real-time/Historical data monitoring and analysis: Rich graphs display output power,electricity generation and income subsidies etc.

Failure Alarm:Help users know the abnormal operation situation of system conveniently and timely. 

PV system information push:

Full acknowledge of the operation status by email push without logging in the monitoring account ·

Multiple system in one account: Offer unified managements,save time and efforts of users. 

 Afore Solar PV solutions advantages:

 (1)Collect real-time data stably,enable the owner and investor monitor the the plant status very well.

 (2)Preventative maintenance concept, analyze and alarm the potential failure of the plant real-timely, help users to get rid of the possible risk,preserve and increase the value.

 (3)Analyze the plant data and optimize the O&M, keep and improve the plant’s output efficiency&electricity for its whole lifetime; assets evaluation

 (4)Precisely predicate the electricity generated, help the grid dispatching system flexibly dispatch the electricity in high and low peak time.

 (5)Telecontrol fire alarm system decrease the fire danger immeasurably,protect the PV plant being safe in full rounds.

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