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Afore new energy devote to affordable internet journey

Afore released | 2018-11-08 | Click: 2115 times

On January 29, 2018, the 3rd Photovoltaic Power Plant Design and Equipment Selection Seminar, jointly organized by China Photovoltaic Industry Association and Photovoltaics, was held at Shanghai Sheshan a Tribute Portfolio Hotel.The theme of the conference was to discuss the cost reduction of photovoltaic power plants in China.In the meantime, it will help the photovoltaic power generation's affordable Internet journey. Afore was invited to attend the conference with a high-power single-phase 8kW inverter.

More than 700 people from over 100 power investment companies, power design institutes and photovoltaic companies participated in the forum. Liu Yiyang, deputy secretary-general of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, said in his speech that price and quality should be considered as important factors in the design and equipment selection of photovoltaic power plants. Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute, New Energy Department,Feng Yungang, deputy general manager, analyzed how to reduce the cost of electricity through refined design from the feasibility study and design level of photovoltaic power station. The refined design of the feasibility stage of photovoltaic power station includes: economic rationality of equipment selection, module and inverter matching, etc. Many points. Northwest Survey and Design Institute Resources ,and Ma Gaoxiang from the General Map Institute with other experts  gave a wonderful speech at the meeting.

In the actual operation of the conference site, according to residential user concern, Afore sales engineer Wang Xiaodong introduced the advantages and characteristics of high-power single-phase 8kW.

1.The connection between the DC terminal and the AC terminal of the Afore inverter adopts the row cable connection method.
Usually, because the equipment is in poor contact, when the manufacturer implements the DC interface connection, whether it is using the AC head or the DC head, there will be a fusion, even a sparking phenomenon, and the row cable connection method can make the circuit breaker begin to work when in normal power distribution. For poor areas or just PV beginner, this connection is more acceptable, and there is no special professional tool to solve some primary installation problems in this process.

2. External inductor , thermal performance has been greatly improved
Inductance is a key technology for high-power single-phase inverters because the inverter requires high heat dissipation. For every 10°C increase in the chassis, the lifetime of the inverter is reduced by 10%. Therefore, Afore external design of the new energy inductor can greatly increase the life of the inverter. At the same time, because of the inverter integrated design of the heat sink and the case makes the overall heat dissipation performance of the device double the heat dissipation performance compared to other brand inverter.

3.Reduced output current and reduced requirements for grid configuration
In China, especially in the north, many users have a roof capacity of more than 5 kW. At present, once more than 5 kW, most domestic companies will adopt the design of dual-machine power stations, which will lead to excessive voltage, resulting in the generation of  single-phase dual inverters circulating, interfering with each other; if insisting on a stand-alone design, the user will face problem of replacing three-phase electric meter.

However, this situation will be effectively improved after using Afore single phase inverter. Taking 8kW photovoltaic power plant as an example, if adapts two inverter designs, the maximum output current of the power station will reach 45 amps, which means that the power station to the transformer has great obstacles; if an 8kW inverter used, the highest output current is only 33 amps, which greatly reduces the configuration requirements of the power grid. At the same time, the battery configuration of the DC and AC terminals only needs one set, and the cost is greatly reduced.

4.Power generation data is clearer and easier to understand
Afore PV inverters are designed with four touch screen buttons. This design is designed for situations where there is no network in the poor areas or even no communication network. According to the professional guide, the electrician on the spot can change the voltage width, grid frequency, time, power generation factor through these four buttons.
By adjusting the power generation coefficient through the intelligent adjustment system of the inverter, the efficiency of power generation of our photovoltaic power station can be more accurately expressed. Moreover, the high-power single-phase inverter makes it easier for the user to clearly know the operation of the power station through the monitoring software. If two inverters are used, it is difficult for users to know how the data is added together, then it is not known how much the specific power generation is, and the data of the two inverters also bring difficulties to the EPC statistical power generation. Using Afore a high-power single-phase 8kW inverter, the above problems can be solved perfectly.
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