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Speak with data - Afore inverter ranks in the top ten brands of household invert

Afore released | 2018-11-08 | Click: 1840 times

On April 27th, the 3rd Century PV Conference and the “PVBL China PV Brand Ranking” were held jointly by PVBL Photovoltaic Brand Lab and Century New Energy Network. The ceremony was held at Shanghai Jumeirah Himalaya Hotel.

The conference was based on the theme of “New Energy and New Future”. Zhang Yuqing, former deputy director of the National Energy Administration and member of the party group; Wang Bohua, secretary general of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association; and Han Wenke, former director of the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, attended the meeting.

PVBL 2017 China PV Brands List was released at the dinner party. It is reported that the ranking was created in 2012 and jointly released by Photovoltaic Brand Lab researching on the value of photovoltaic brand, which is the only one in China. 

The list of names is known as the "China PV Market Barometer". Afore New Energy has successfully entered the top 10 list of inverter brand value by household use performance and industry reputation.

2017 China PV Brands List, according to national standard GB/T 31041-2014 "Brand Value Quality Evaluation Requirements", GB/T 31042-2014 "Brand Value Service Evaluation Requirements", GB/T 31043-2014 "Brand Value Technology" Evaluation criteria for innovative evaluation requirements.The brand rating standard is 1000 points, based on five first-level indicators of shipment, revenue, research, impact, and service, as well as brand planning, brand awareness, brand reputation, brand loyalty, product quality, service quality, and promotion. Social responsibility, industry influence, social impact 10 levels as  a judging system, the index finally selected several major awards.

Afore can stand out among many PV manufacturers, which is inseparable from Afore team who dare to be the first, breakthrough innovation, quality and service. Focusing on the independent research and development and production of inverters, Afore has continued to carry out technological innovation and product upgrades in 2016.
In the industry, it was the first to introduce a single-phase 7-8kW inverter. Up to now, it is still one of the few manufacturers that independently develop and produce single-phase 7-8kW. Afore has launched a full range of single-phase 1-8kW, three-phase 5-60kW products, any inquiry please call 400-133-9885.
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