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Afore won the grand prize again! Make a perfect ending for 2018!

Afore released | 2019-04-29 | Click: 1422 times

With the theme of "breaking the old, passion creation",The 2nd China Distributed Photovoltaic Conference was held in Jiangsu Hotel in Nanjing .

More than 500 global elites, well-known entrepreneurs, experts and scholars and media representatives from the photovoltaic industry meet on the Qinhuai River to review the PV market in 2018 and discuss the development trend of the photovoltaic industry in the coming year, targeting in depth the latest PV policies, technological innovations, overseas market development,diversified applications, affordable Internet access, and on forward-looking of operation aftermarket.

After the strict selection of the organizing committee,

Finally comes the good news!

Afore stands out and is awarded:

2018 China Distributed Photovoltaic

"Top Ten Influential Inverter Brands"

At the beginning of the new year,this gift is the best affirmation of the Afore brand and it is also the best spur and encouragement for 2019.

Thank you for witnessing Afores growth year by year and making a perfect ending for 2018.

The award is for the hope of sowing the spring, and better open the 2019 new journey!

Behind this honour is Afore photovoltaic series: three-phase 50-60kW, household photovoltaic energy storage inverter ,three-phase anti-counter current device device and single-phase anti-counter current device which respond to the enthusiastic upon launch in 2018, basing on Afores ingenuity creationwith ten years.

In 2019, Afore will launch new products to the major exhibitions at home and abroad, so stay tuned!


Afore will continue to contribute to the development of the global PV inverter industry and witness the growth of the photovoltaic industry.

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