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2019 Afore Global Tour Exhibition, Brazil Station

Afore released | 2019-09-05 | Click: 1812 times

2019 Afore Global Tour Exhibition, Brazil Station

The annual Intersolar South America was held at the Center of Immigrant Exhibitions in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Aug.27-Aug.29, 2019!


As an emerging market with rapid PV development in recent years, the Brazilian solar market has a huge potential. The lack of coal resources has led to insufficient domestic power supply. However, Brazil's annual sunshine days are up to 280 days, which provides a unique advantage for the development of the solar industry. Together with Brazil's implementation of the "National Energy Plan", Brazil has gradually become the world's fastest growing market for photovoltaic products and solar energy.


At this year's Global Tour Exhibition, Afore displayed continuous amazing solar feasts for customers, showcasing them our elaborate series of products including on grid inverters and energy storage which meet all demands in household, commercial and large power station applications. With the global brand influence, the Intersolar exhibition in Brazil is becomes much more popular and attracting a large number of professionals to come to visit and cooperate!


As a world-renowned solar PV inverter manufacturer, Afore has established a mature overseas sales and operation team with business in over 100 countries and regions around the world. In the future, we will keep dedicating in the popularization and application of green and clean energy in South America.

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