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2019 Afore Global Tour Exhibition, Mexico Station

Afore released | 2019-09-11 | Click: 1747 times

2019 Afore Global Tour Exhibition, Mexico Station

On September 3-5, 2019, the three-day Mexico Green Expo was grandly opened at the MAYA Exhibition Center of Mexico City World Trade Center.

THE GREEN EXPO is the largest and most influential professional environmental energy conference and exhibition in Mexico and even in Latin America. The exhibition brings professional energy information together and gathers leading brands in the international new energy industry. It is an important platform for professional energy manufacturers to explore the American market.



Domestic well-known PV companies, including Afore, all appeared in the exhibition. China's made products and services once again went to the world and were greatly welcomed by the American market. The series of products in the Afore booth, including grid-set inverters and storage, have become the crowning touch in the entire exhibition hall. Many merchants came to visit and consult, and some of them directly purchased products on site.

Through this exhibition, the market in the Americas was further opened. In the future, Afore will continue to focus on product research and development, produce more innovative and high-quality products, provide customers with the best products and the best quality services, and contribute to the development of China's photovoltaic industry and Chinese enterprises to “go global”.


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