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Afore won the "Top Ten Brands of Distributed Photovoltaic Inverters"

Afore released | 2019-11-29 | Click: 1717 times

Staying True to Our Founding Mission | Afore New Energy won the "Top Ten Brands of Distributed Photovoltaic Inverters"

The Fourth China Photovoltaic Industry Forum hosted by the International Energy Network was grandly held at the Doubletree by Hilton Beijing on November 15, 2019. With the continuous innovation, stable product quality and high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service, Afore New Energy has been recognized in the PV industry and beyond and won the "Top Ten Brands of Distributed Photovoltaic Inverters".


This annual brand event was officially launched by the energy industry authoritative media International Energy Network All Media Platform in 2016. It aims to encourage the technological innovation and brand building of solar photovoltaic companies, and recognize outstanding companies for their important contributions to the sustainable development of the industry. Become one of the most influential brand awards in the photovoltaic industry.


Since the "5.31 New Policy" in 2018, the pace of development of the domestic photovoltaic industry has been slow. As an inverter company that has been cultivating the overseas photovoltaic market for nearly a decade, Afore New Energy actively seized the new direction of market development,and has successively launched a series of smart energy storage models.

Afore intelligent energy storage system has the following advantages and characteristics:

IP 65 waterproof and dust proof design;

WIFI monitoring & parameters can be set remotely;

EPS emergency power, quick switching;

Instant charge and discharge settings;

Security protection etc.

Afore always believe we should not forgetting why we started, and keep innovation thus can cope with the fast-changing market development, and contribute to the world well.

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