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New Platform, New Experience, New Future!

Afore released | 2020-08-13 | Click: 1904 times

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New Platform, New Experience, New Future!

Afore newly build an intelligent operation and maintenance platform 3.0 

Afore new version of monitoring system provide users with the field-leading intelligent O&M solution via the application of big data and cloud calculating, ensuring investors' income.

Data displayed more concisely and efficiently

Diversified data display methods such as line graphs, surface histograms, area graphs, energy flow graphs, and pie graphs.

Application of big data and cloud computing

Efficiently calculate the data such as power generation, power consumption, grid and battery, to analyze the proportion of self-consumption in different PV installation.

Flexible power plant management capabilities

·operating in Web or App you can authorize the power station to your installation or operation and maintenance company, or accept the power station authorized by the installation company to realize two-way power station sharing.

Multi-channel  issue alarm message

The power station alarm is quickly issued to users through multiple channels, helping users to know the risks and problems in power station operation in time.

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