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Afore Reported By Norwegian Main State Channel News NRK Midtnytt On October 6th

Afore released | 2020-10-15 | Click: 3201 times

At 19:45 on October 6, the Norwegian main state channel news NRK Midtnytt reported on the photovoltaic system installed by a farmer in Overhalla, Trøndelag. In the news, farmers emphasized the importance of solar energy to the local area, and explained the working principle of the photovoltaic system, as well as factors such as climate, financing, and electricity consumption.


“Afore inverters have been performing stable and well in my project, I can see from the monitor app about the system output any time,” said the farmer. The 97kw photovoltaic project is expected to bring about 80,000Kwh of electricity to farmer every year.


With the improvement of the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules and the gradual lowering of costs, the current cost recovery is about 4-6 years. The annual return on investment is much higher than that of ordinary financial management. For residents, choosing photovoltaic investment projects can not only get stable income but also invest in a cleaner future.

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